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Avant Arte is a digital platform for collectible arts, exploring new ways to open the doors to art collecting. Our personal obsession with the discovery of new masterpieces makes the most remarkable and inspiring minds cross our path. By sharing them, we are eager to engage the aspiring collector in this intriguing world and cultivate new connections with collectors, artists, and gallerists.

Avant Arte was launched in 2015 by Christian Luiten and Curtis Penning as a digital outlet for their personal journey in the world of arts. While casually ‘pursuing the Picassos of our time’ the platform quickly gained a large following and created a community from Charleston to Teheran. Among them knowledgeable contemporary art specialists like Brett Gorvy, Simon de Pury and Serpentine Gallery director Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Avant Arte collabartes with artists, hosts several events and sells limited edition artworks. We are working on online and offline initiatives that empower the new art collector and help artists to reach the right audience.



Currently we don't have any open positions.